Susan Hodges, Spirit Space, LLC
Certified Clinical Acupressure Practitioner    
Approved SEVA Stress Release Acupressure Teacher 
Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master
Spiritual Director of Women as a Story Midwife
Meditation Leader and Instructor


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My name is Susan Hodges, 
         Owner of Spirit Space, LLC

Private sessions I offer:

*Reiki treatments

*SEVA Stress Release Acupressure that can be offered alone or be included at the beginning of a Reiki session

*Private 5 Element Acupressure Treatments:
I offer acupressure sessions by appointment only. A full session takes about an hour or more. The client remains fully dressed while lying on a massage table. This is very relaxing and helps to balance one's energies.

An acupressure treatment includes: a basis set of acupoints that are accessed with light pressure, Specific Releases, and Central Chakras Balancing. The releases may be one of the Meridians, for example: Bladder, Kidney, Stomach, Spleen ets. or a specific release that addesses a specific issue, for example: back, neck, harmony balancem leg, shoulder pain, headache.

If interested, call for an appointment. Cost: $60.

Private or Group Meditation Sessions: Ask about pricing.

I teach:
*SEVA Stress Release Acupressure for Self Care--3 hr. class
*SEVA Stress Release Acupressure for Other--3 hr. class

*All levels of Reiki Atunements: Reiki I Practitioner, II Practitoner, Reiki Master, and Reiki Master Teacher

*All levels of Karuna Reiki®: Karuna I Practitioner, Karuna II Practitioner, and Karuna Master

Private or Group Meditation Classes: Ask about pricing.

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