Susan Hodges, Spirit Space, LLC
Certified Clinical Acupressure Practitioner    
Approved SEVA Stress Release Acupressure Teacher 
Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master
Spiritual Director of Women as a Story Midwife
Meditation Leader and Instructor


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Reiki Sessions and Classes

      What is Reiki?
      comes from the Japanese  words "Rei" meaning "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and "Ki" meaning "life force energy". It differs from other energy work in that the practitioner has been attuned to this energy. In a Reiki session, the energy is not dependent on the practitioner, but is given for the highest good for the person receiving it.

      Some Benefits of a Reiki treatment
      Means of relaxation.
      Aid in the natural healing of one's body.
      A way to unblock those places where one holds tension and stress.
      Helps promote health.

      What to Expect in a Reiki Treatment:                                                                      
      The client is fully clothed and either lies on a massage table or sits in a chair. The practitioner uses light touch hand placements either on or above the body. The practitioner is the tool through which the energy flows and it goes to those places in the body that need it. After a session, the client feels relaxed and balanced.

      A Reiki session lasts about 90 minutes. This includes some time before and after the actual session of about 75 minutes.

      Click here to see a short you tube video with DR. OZ talking about REIKI.

      Karuna Reiki ® 
      evolved out of Usui and Tibetan Reiki. It differs in that it addresses deeper issues in a gentle way. It is a compassionate energy. Karuna can be used in combination with a Usui Reiki Session.

      Private Reiki Treatments:  
      Normally Full Session $60  
       Shorter Session $30

      A full session lasts between 60-75 minutes. 

      I offer "acupressure with chakra alignment" that can be included at the beginning of a Reiki treatment and the combination is very effective for relaxation and stress relief. Appointments are scheduled on Thursday mornings, afternoons and evenings. Another day can also be arranged. Shorter sessions are also available.

      Payment for sessions or training is either by personal check or exact cash.

                                    Reiki Training

      Cost: $125.00
      Classes are small usually limited to 1-4 students to give personal attention to the Reiki experience. Most classes meet for about 5 hours depending on the number of students. The classes are either scheduled in two shorter sessions or in one longer session.

      About the Classes:

      Reiki I Attunement Class
      You will easily learn how to use Reiki on yourself and others. This class includes instruction, meditation, Reiki I attunement, a manual, hands on practice and certificate of completion.

      Reiki II Attunement Class
      You will learn Reiki symbols and how to use them for absentee Reiki and to enhance hands on Reiki. Includes instruction, meditation, Reiki II attunement, a manual, hands on practice, and a certificate of completion. 

      Reiki Master Practitioner Class
      In this class, you will learn additional Reiki symbols and the Reiki breathing technique which can be used to enhance your own energy and the absentee Reiki process. Includes instruction, meditation, Reiki III attunement, a manual, hands on practice, and a certificate of completion.

      Reiki Master Teacher Course
      Normally Cost: $250.  

      This course is for those who feel very comfortable with Reiki and  want to learn how to do attunements on others as well as how to teach the course. Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master Practitioner are prerequisites for this course.

      Certification as a Reiki Master Teacher is dependent on the satisfactory completion of written homework, demonstration of attunements and knowledgte of class material expressed verbally in the classes.

      Classes are usually limited to 2-4 students. Class meets three times two weeks apart for about three or more hours.  (number of students determines the ending time.)  Personal mentoring is provided to those who complete the course.

      Karuna Reiki® I and II Practitioner and Karuna Reiki
      ® Master Teacher Course-Contact me for information.

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