Susan Hodges, Spirit Space, LLC
Certified Clinical Acupressure Practitioner    
Approved SEVA Stress Release Acupressure Teacher 
Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master
Spiritual Director of Women as a Story Midwife
Meditation Leader and Instructor


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Spiritual Mentoring as a Story Midwife

A Woman's Journey Circle

           An original poem by Susan Hodges 

Dancing flame oil lamp

Oh, gentle movement song

Reflecting my life

Constant presence within.

Dance deeper.

Circling, winding journey

Lifetime woven with rainbow thread.

Delicate color weaving pattern.

Step back

Let dancing flame give light

To Spirit opening.

Coming home.

It’s song time,

Remembering time,

Healing time.

The woven picture takes shape.

YES! I’ve...been... found.




It’s mystery.

Spirit God within.

Journey Circle.

Dancing Flame Oil lamp was made by potter June Keener Wink. Click on Dancing Flame Oil lamp to go to her website. Scroll down to the bottom for details on the lamps. She can be contacted at:

June Keener Wink
Wild Thyme Pottery

155 Sandisfield Road

Sandisfield, MA, 012555


                 What is a Story Midwife

Being a story midwife is encouraging the "unforced rhythms of grace..." (Matthew 11:29 The Message)  to find their home in a woman's soul. 

A time of holding sacred space for another so that she, in the telling of her story, may birth the true meaning, significance and connections that  it holds.

It is confidential listening of another where she knows that
her story has been honored.

It is a place where listening births the seeds of possibility
in another and that she realizes more clearly that her life is part of the "Great Circle of Life."

Spiritual Mentoring

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