Susan Hodges, Spirit Space, LLC
Certified Clinical Acupressure Practitioner    
Approved SEVA Stress Release Acupressure Teacher 
Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master
Spiritual Director of Women as a Story Midwife
Meditation Leader and Instructor


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Women's Retreat Leader

My Retreat Style                               
I believe that in our everyday pace of life, we tend to overlook the images in our world around us and the deeper meanings that they hold. It is through reflecting on these images that one can be in touch with one's inner self and find the Holy One.

To facilitate this experience I use projected images to help create a setting where one can connect images with life experiences. I use symbols in centerpieces that carry the theme of the retreat.  Scripture, live internet videos and song tie the theme together. At times rituals are a way of focus. Through these rituals, and blessings, the deeper meaning of the message again comes through.

Small group prayer and reflection, large and small group discussions, journalling, private time, reflection on challenging questions of life are in the retreat design not only for variety, but also to meet the learning and spiritual styles of those attending.

Woman's Retreats

1. We meet in conversation to determine if my retreat style is what you are looking for in a reteat leader.  There is no cost for this consult. If my style is what you are looking for, we negotiate a price depending on the length of the retreat and where it is held.

2. I discuss with the organizers well in advance of the retreat what your hopes and wishes are for your retreat. I will then design the retreat with those ideas in mind. Through the design phase we are in conversation for any details needing attention. 

3. As the retreat date gets closer, we are again in conversation going over specific details and needs.

4. The day of the retreat I arrive well in advance to get my materials set up so there is a seamless transition from when people arrive to the start of the first session.

Woman's Retreats I have designed and led:

"Are You Thirsty"- Women at Brown Deer United Methodist Church. Weekend retreat was held at the Schoenstatt Center in Waukesha, WI.

"Are You Thirsty"-
First United Methodist Church-United Methodist Women

"A Joyful Journey With God"- United Methodist Women

"Harvesting The Spirit"- Church Women United

"Drawing Closer to the Heart of God"- United Methodist Women

"Grow Where You Are Planted"- Metro South District United Methodist W.

"On Eagle's Wings"- District Young United Methodist Women
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